TufDuct is halogen free, fire resistant and is made from a polymer derived from 100% post-consumer plastic waste.

TufDuct is an engineered, innovative, environmentally friendly, and state-of-the art solution to manage services, and is available in Australia and New Zealand. 

TufDuct can be used as a walkway as it meets all slip and grip requirements while creating no static. TufDuct complies with all OHS standards.

TufDuct can be buried, placed directly onto the ground, or elevated. It can easily be installed by one person as no piece weighs more than 20kgs.

Low Carbon Footprint

TufDuct has a low carbon footprint and is a fully recyclable and sustainable product that has been produced for over 15 years. 

High Voltage

TufDuct has been designed for High-Voltage applications with 180KV normal insultation properties. 


TufDuct is tough. It has a 50 year design life. Testing inculdes drop, torsion, and external pressures with and without the lid on.


TufDuct is fully engineered and manufactured in Japan. The system includes straights, bends, tees and gradients. All aspects of construction have been thoroughly tested. 


TufDuct is flame resistant and halgolen free. It is commonly installed in tunnels and enclosed areas due to it’s flame resistant properties, and protects services in bushfire prone areas better than any other solution.

Eco Friendly

TufDuct is made from 100% recycled material, gives off no dust when cut, and any waste from an installation can be reused or fully recycled.


Lids can be secured with bolts to provide security and protection for services. The lid has a break force of over 200kgs and there are no gaps to allow rodents into the ducting.  Cabling damaged by vermin is a thing of the past.


All TufDuct products are manuafctured to the highest quality and standard of anywhere in the world.  They are engineered to exacting standards and to the strictest guidelines, and are safely used across many industries, ranging from railways to nuclear plants. 


TufDuct is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30ºC to over 80ºC. It is perfect for the harsh Australian climate. 


TufDuct lids have been built to pass all levels of slip and grip tests. The specially designed TufDuct Walkway System is zero static, provides unparalleled grip and is the perfect walkway solution.


TufDuct is resistant to hydrochloric acid, seawater, ice melting agents, acid rain and many other corrosive substances.


Wind is no issue for the TufDuct system. It is strong and robust and not affected by wind forces from high speed rail. 

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