TufDuct Flexible Round Series

Various Sizes

TufDuct Flexible Round is available in sizes ranging from 30mm to 200mm in diameter. 


TufDuct Flexible Round is engineered to withstand ground subsistence.  It is also strong enough to allow shallow depth installation of only 300mm below a surface.


Easily transportable and easy to handle.


TufDuct Flexible Round is fire resistant and halogen free. TufDuct Flexible Round is perfect for the Australian climate and weather conditions. 

Modular System 

TufDuct Flexible Round has glue free joiners and required no bends as it easily flexes around corners or to avoid obstacles.

Complete System

Along with the TufDuct Duct range, TufDuct Flexible Round provides a complete and fully modular system for your services installation needs. 

Fewer Joints

TufDuct Flexible Round comes in rolls of 300m (30mm Series) to 50m (200mm Series).  Longer lengths enable longer runs without any joints.

Obstacle are not a problem

TufDuct Flexible Round easily flexes around any obstacle without the use of joints, bends or glues.

Uniquly design for strength

TufDuct Flexible Round is engineered for strength, allowing it to be buried at only 300mm below the surface.

Easy to handle

TufDuct Flexible Round is easily transportable and easy to handle.


TufDuct Flexible Round fully adapts to any ground subsistence.

Easy Cable Installation

TufDuct Flexible Round comes with a built in cable pull-rope, allowing easy cable pull through.

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